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Restore a sense of balance, ease pain, and unlock your full potential with the help of a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and trusted Structural Integration expert in Boulder CO. and Orlando, FL.
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Certified Advanced Rolfer® in Boulder, CO and Orlando, FL

Claim your freedom with the specialized care and guidance of a medical professional,
licensed physician in Germany, manual therapy instructor, physiology and pathology teacher.
Virtual consulting and coaching about holistic functional medicine, orthopedic concerns,
chronic pain conditions as well as hands-on therapies -- even home visits are possible.

About Lu Mueller-Kaul

At a naturopathic medical college in Germany, Lu started her profession as a highly competent bodyworker. Influenced initially by traditional treatments and acupuncture, Lu soon specialized in osteopathic manual therapy, worked with two chiropractors, and got certified in a program for remedial, alignment- and support-building exercises. Finding the hands-on approaches most beneficial, Lu stopped practicing medicine after moving to the US and is now a well-reviewed instructor for professionals in the health- and fitness fields.

Textbook: “The Rolfing Skillful Touch Handbook”

Lu is co-author of “The Rolfing Skillful Touch Handbook”, used in the first phase of the Rolfing certification process, and available for all manual therapists who want to see myofascial techniques in beautiful photos with clear descriptions as well as learn about basic tools in manual therapy.

Structural Integrators, massage therapists, and physical therapists can utilize this manual to develop an understanding of the techniques used by Rolfers and taught nowadays by many schools as "myofascial release", "myofascial massage", or "myofascial mobilization". Lu MK prefers the latter term.

Unlock Lasting Change

Reclaim your body and unlock lasting change. With a holistic approach, Lu will design custom plans for you to achieve your goals and reduce pain. Learn more about Rolfing from our Video Library.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Please be aware that Lu is traveling and teaching often.
Appointments in Boulder, CO
Appointments in Boulder, CO are conducted at a private suite.
Boulder, CO Location
3333 Iris Avenue
 Boulder, CO 80301
How to Schedule for Boulder, CO
Please schedule a 20-minute phone call for your initial visit to discuss your needs.
Appointments in Orlando Fl
Appointments in Orlando, FL are conducted at Balance Orlando.
Orlando, FL Location
1220 Edgewater Drive, Suite #7 Orlando, FL 32804
How to Schedule for Orlando, FL
Call (407) 704-8867 to be added to the list for Lu's next visit to Orlando, FL (3x per year).

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